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Each summer Professor Clifton Brown takes a group of students to Italy to study dance. Honors students have the opportunity to take Honors DANC 360: Dance in Culture, which approaches dance from a global perspective. It explore dance specifically in Italy through readings, lectures, discussions, videos, movement, essays, and other intensive projects. Taking an anthropological viewpoint, the class also explores the various ways that culture and dance intertwine, noting the uniqueness of the Italian culture and dance forms. While emphasizing the social, cultural, and aesthetic principles defining these dance forms, the course examines issues of gender, race, politics, and religion in relation to Italian dance and culture.

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General Education and Course Goals: This course helps fulfill the requirements for Category E:  World Cultures and American Cultural Diversity in Western Kentucky University's General Education program. It will also help you attain an appreciation of the complexity and variety in the world's  cultures.

Excursion: The program will include a day trip to either Rome or Florence which is included in the   cost of the program. For more information:

Please contact Prof. Clifton Brown or visit the Theatre and Dance website.

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