Western Kentucky University

Honors College at WKU

Mercedes Trent




Student Assistant

My Role in the Honors College

I work within the Office of Scholar Development researching scholarships, study abroad opportunities and gathering information to make the best resources available to students in the Honors College.

Educational Background

I am a sophomore majoring in news/editorial journalism with a minor in teaching English as a second language.


Winchester, Kentucky

Hobbies and Interests

Writing holds a special place in my life, and I started working for my school paper when I was in high school and continue to at WKU. I love playing soccer, reading and traveling. So far I’ve been to Japan and Guatemala, and I develop a love for each new place I go to.

What Brought Me to the HC

I came to WKU in the spring of 2011 and began my freshman year as an Honors College student and a resident in Minton Hall, the Honors residence hall. While living in Minton, I met amazing people who helped me grow not only in my classes but also as a member of a community. They made WKU home for me and challenged my views of what I could accomplish. They pushed me to be more involved and the staff at the Honors College has always done everything for me to ensure that I have the most successful college career as possible.

A Little About Myself

When I’m not researching Star Wars for Dr. Cobane, I’m studying for Honors Dead Sea Scrolls. I serve as philanthropy coordinator for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I also work part-time at the College Heights Herald as a sports reporter covering cross-country and swimming. My favorite part of my week (other than spending time in the Honors College office) is leading a small group for seventh grade girls at my church.

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