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Jack Thacker

Jack ThackerJack Thacker


Ph.D., South Carolina, 1966

Fields: European History since 1815, Military History, Diplomatic History

Office:  Cherry Hall 224C

Phone:  (270) 745-5737


Research Interests

At present, I am working on two projects. The first is a study of Eisenhower's evaluation of his commanders in World War II and the effect it had on shaping the post-war military. The second is a shorter study dealing with the post-War of 1812 career of General Jacob Brown, the commanding general of the U.S. army from 1821 to 1827. I recently completed a short study of weapons technology and allied military doctrine during World War II. I have published several articles dealing with the period before World War I, two textbooks, over 550 book reviews, 100 encyclopedia articles and over 1600 abstracts of articles for Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.


Teaching Interests

In addition to Western Civilization classes, I teach Military History (History 299, 494), 19th-Century European (History 334), Modern Germany (History 425), Hitler and Nazi Germany (History 426), The Holocaust (History 491), World War I and World War II (History 490, 491), Korea and Vietnam (History 449), and Military Leadership (History 490).


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