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Let's look up!


A highly interactive planetarium experience designed to help you find your way around tonight's sky. Participants will examine star patterns visible in the current evening sky and learn some of the stories our ancestors told to help them remember these patterns. We will also discuss some of the bright stars, planets and other celestial objects of interest in this evening's sky. This show is designed to help you become more familiar with the star patterns visible in the season of your choice. Come join us and share the glory of the celestial sphere as we look for ways to help identify the stars and remember the patterns they make.




 Appropriate Audience

All Grades


Running Time

45 minutes, with optional Q&A period


Audience Size Limit

40 maximum (for groups wishing to bring a larger audience, click here to see some alternatives)


Academic Subjects Addressed

Pattern recognition, storytelling, constellations


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Show Date and Time 

 Last Modified 3/11/14