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Age Appropriateness

Is This Show Appropriate for My Child?

Thanks for your interest in the Planetarium's shows.children in the planetarium

The question of age is a difficult one which we seldom like to dictate with any kind of specific cutoff.

  • We have young people of quite a young age who are fascinated by our shows and can sit in rapt attention throughout. Though some of the material is advanced enough to appeal to the avid amateur astronomer or astronomy student, we try to make all or our presentations interactive so that the presentation, the material and the content are interesting to young people as well as old.
  • At the same time there are also children (and some unexpectedly older) whose attention spans are short and who end up being both restless and disruptive to others in the audience as a result. And unfortunately, this kind of situation is a lose-lose-lose situation... for child, for presenter, and for the rest of the audience.

If your child does start to become a disturbance to other audience members, we ask that you please remove him/ her to the ring lobby. If you are still waiting for others in your party to finish watching the main show, there are many interesting exhibits, including several looping TV monitors perhaps he/ she can watch and an astronomy-based jungle gym outside on the northeast side of the Planetarium for play during warm weather.

So in essence, we seldom want to discourage a child from coming. But we really need to leave it up to the parent to determine their maturity level. You probably know better than we do if he/ she can sit through a nearly hour-long show.


We hope this helps. Feel free to write hardin.planetarium@wku.edu or call 270-745-4044 if there are more questions.

 Last Modified 5/21/14