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  WKU Glasgow
500 Hilltopper Way
Glasgow, KY 42141-7966
Phone:270-659-6900 Email:glasgow@wku.edu
Fax: 270-659-6991
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Steps for Testing in Glasgow
(DL & Independent Learning)

**If your exam is with another Institution other than WKU, please contact the Resource Center at 270-659-6969270-659-6969.**


    1. If your exam is with DL Testing, complete steps 2 and 3.If your exam is with Independent Learning, you must do the following:

a. Contact the Office of Independent Learning and make sure you are eligible to take the exam.

b. Complete Step 2 and then click the link in the right column to request an Independent Learning Exam

**We do not accept scheduling requests via e-mail**

  1. Call the WKU Glasgow Resource Center at 270-659-6969270-659-6969 to schedule a date and time.

    a. To allow time for processing, please be sure to schedule at least ten days in advance for paper exams or 72 hours for online exams.

  2. Schedule the exam online with DL Testing. This is required for the Glasgow proctoring site to receive the examination or any necessary passwords. Failure to complete the request with DL Testing will result in your test being unavailable and will require rescheduling. This form is only for DL tests. Independent Learning exam requests should refer back to step 1.

a. Click the link in the right column to request a DL Test at WKU Glasgow

b. Fill in all information including the following for Proctoring Information:

i. Proctor - Thomas Gaffin

ii. Email - restudent@wku.edu

iii. Title - IT Consultant

iv. Phone - (270)659-6969(270)659-6969

v. Institution - WKU Glasgow

vi. Address - 500 Hilltopper Way, Glasgow, KY 42141

c. The day of your examination you must present Photo ID.

d. The proctoring room is located in the Resource Center.

 Last Modified 3/18/14