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Department of Geography and Geology Student Publications


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Graduate M.S. theses are downloadable from WKU's TopScholar webpage.


*  Craft, K. (M.S. Geoscience 2011), Mahmood, R., King, S.A., Goodrich, G., and Yan, J. (2015).Twentieth century droughts and agriculture: Examples from impacts on soybean production in Kentucky, USA. Ambio (in press) (PR)
*  S.Kay Gandy (M.S. Geoscience 2010) (2015) Azulejos: Tile buildings in Iquitos. Journal of Geology and Geosciences 3(6):  [in press].
*  Saleh, Edrees Sultan, Gandy, S. Kay (M.S. Geoscience 2010) (2015). Perceptions of Geography Students in the United States and Egypt on Global Issues. Journal of Intercultural Education [in press].
*  Kambesis, P. (M.S. Geoscience 2007) with Sumrall, J., and Mylroie, J. (2015) Microbial mixing zone dolomitization and karst development within Isla de Mona Dolomite, Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico. Carbonites and Evaporites 30(1): 45-58 (PR).
* Miller, B. (M.S. Geoscience 2010), Lerch. R., Groves, C., Polk, J. (2015) Recharge mixing in a complex distributary spring system in the Missouri Ozarks, USA. Hydrogeology Journal (in press) PR.
* Tyrie, E.K. (M.S. Geoscience 2014), Hanlon, R.T., Siemann, L.A., Uyarra, M.C. (2015). Coral reef flounders, Bothus lunatus, choose substrates on which they can achieve camouflage with their limited body pattern repertoire. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114(3): 629-638 (PR).


*  Aryee, F. (2014) A Spatial Assessment of the GO bg Transit Services in Bowling Green, Kentucky (Advisor: Jun Yan).

*  Ebrahimi, K., with North, L.N. (2014) The Role of Education in Climate Change Risk Management. Caribbean Climate Blog, September 15.
*  Graham, Mark Ph.D. (M.S. Geoscience 2004) and Dutton, W.H. (eds.)(2014) Society and the Internet: How Networks of Information and Communication are Changing Our Lives. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
*  Hall, V. (2014) Addressing Water Resource Issues in Barbados Through an Isotopic and Atmospheric Characterization of Precipitation Variability (Advisor: Jason Polk).

*  Kambesis, P. (M.S. Geoscience 2007) with Machel, H.G., Sumrall, J., Mylroie, J.R., Mylroie, J.E., and Lace, M.J. (2014) Episodic Fluid Flow and Dolomitization By Methane-Bearing Pore Water of Marine Parentage In An Accretionary Prism Setting, Barbados, West Indies. Journal of Sedimentary Research 84(2): 58-71.
*  Lawhon, N. (2014) Investigating Telogenetic Karst Aquifer Processes and Evolution in South-Central Kentucky, U.S., using High-Resolution Storm Hydrology and Geochemistry Monitoring (Advisor: Jason Polk).
*  Lockhart, P.G. (2014) Geopolitics, Borders, and Federalism: Challenges for Post-War Iraq. (Advisor: David Keeling).
*  London, J. (2014) Geologic Factors Affecting Hydrocarbon Occurrence in Paleovalleys of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Unconformity in the Illinois Basin (Advisor: Michael May).
*  McClanahan, Kegan N. (2014) Carbon Cycling Dynamics Inferred from Carbon Isotope Sourcing in a Mid-Latitude Karst-Influenced River (Advisor: Jason Polk).
*  Nedvidek, D. (2014) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Regulatory Stormwater Monitoring Protocols on Groundwater Quality in Urbanized Karst Regions (Advisor: Jason Polk)

*  Nedvidek, D. (M.S. Geoscience 2014), with North, L.A., Polk, J. (2014). Getting Revved up about sinkholes. FOCUS on Geography 57(2): 97-100.
*  Osterhoudt, L. (2014) Impacts of Carbonate Mineral Weathering on Hydrochemistry of the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky (Advisor: Chris Groves).
*  Pricope, N.G. (MS Geoscience 2006), Binford, M.W., All, J.D. (2014) Disentangling Environmental Variability from Land Management Decisions in Changing Semi-Arid Savannas of Southern Africa. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 80(11): 1005-1013 (PR).

*  Pricope, N. (M.S. Geoscience 2006), and Humagain, K. (M.S. Geoscience 2012), with All, J.D. (2014). Connecting Pixels with People to Examine Environmental Changes in the Mt. Everest Region of Nepal. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 80(7):600-604.
*  Pricope, Narcisa G. (M.S. Geoscience 2006) with co-authors (2014). A spatial analysis of population dynamics and climate change in Africa: potential vulnerability hot spots emerge where precipitation declines and demographic pressures coincide. Population and Environment 35(3): 323-339 (PR).
*  Pruett, Timothy Scott (M.S. Geoscience, 2000) (2014) Rethinking the Economic Geography of the Coca Leaf. FOCUS on Geography 57(2): 84-96 (PR).
*  Rodgers, W.N. (2014) Land Cover Change and its Impacts on a Flash Flood-Producing Rain Event in Eastern Kentucky (Advisor: Rezaul Mahmood).

*  Suarez, Astrid (B.S. Meteorology Sp10), with Mahmood, R., Quintanar, A.I., Beltran-Przekurat, A., and Pielke Sr., R.A. (2014). A comparison of the MM5 and the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System simulations for land-atmosphere interactions under varying soil moisture. Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography 66, 21486 (PR).
*  Thompson, J.K. (2014)Station Exposure and Resulting Bias in Temperature Observations: A Comparison of the Kentucky Mesonet and ASOS Data (Advisor: Rezaul Mahmood).
*  Tyrie, E. (2014) Combining Quantitative Eye-Tracking and GIS Techniques with Qualitative Research Methods to Evaluate the Effectiveness of 2D and Static, 3D Karst Visualizations: Seeing through the Complexities of Karst Environments (Advisor: Leslie North).
*  Winchester, J. (M.S. Geoscience 2014) with Durkee, J., Degu, A.M., Hossain, F., Mahmood, R., and Chronis, T. (2014) Investigating the effect of Land between the Lakes on Storm Patterns. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53(6): 1506-1524 (PR).


Arpin, Sarah (2013) Hydrogeology of the Haney Limestone, South Central Kentucky (Advisor: Chris Groves).
Bowles, Rachel (2013) The Use of the OSTRACODE CYPRIDEIS AMERICANA (SHARPE) as a Proxy for Salinity in Bahamian Lake Systems (Advisor: Fred Siewers)
Cary, Nathan Jess (2013) Bosnian Immigrants: An Analysis of the Bosnian Community’s Influence on the Cultural Landscape of Bowling Green, KY (Advisor: David Keeling).
Chen, Yan (2013) Spatial Analysis of Fatal Automobile Crashes in Nashville, TN, 2001-2011 (Advisor: Jun Yan).
Craft, K.E. (M.S. Geoscience 2011), Mahmood, R., King, S.A., Goodrich, G., and Yan, J. (2013) Drought and corn in Kentucky. Applied Geography 45: 353-362 (PR)
Fowler, Brandon (2013) Understanding Colombian Violence Through Geographic Information Systems and Statistical Approaches (Advisor: Jun Yan).
Glennon, J. Alan (M.S. Geoscience 2001) (2013) Analysis of Geographically Embedded Networks, Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Geography, UC Santa Barbara.
Graham, Mark Ph.D. (M.S. Geoscience 2004), Zook, M. (2013) Augmented Realities and Uneven Geographies: Exploring the Geo-linguistic Contours of the Web. Environment and Planning A 45(1): 77-99 (Winner of the 2014 Ashby Prize for the year's most innovative paper).

Graham, Mark Ph.D. (M.S. Geoscience 2004), Zook, M., and Boulton, A. (2013) Augmented Reality in the Urban Environment: contested content and the duplicity of code. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 38(3), 464-479.
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Miller, B. (M.S. Geoscience 2010), Oglesby, J. (M.S. Geoscience 2016), McClanahan, K. (M.S. Geoscience 2014), Neeper, L. (B.S. Geology 2013), Holland, A. (B.S. Geology 2013), and Strenecky, B. (with Polk, J.S. and North, L.A. as lead authors) (2013). Understanding and managing karst water resources in Belize: Case studies of both past and present in a changing climate, pp. 25-32 in Land L., Joop M., (eds.) National Cave and Karst Management Symposium: Proceedings of the Twentieth Conference, November 4-8, NCKRI Symposium 3. Carlsbad, NM: National Cave and Karst Research Institute.
Ouellette, Gilman (2013) Late Holocene Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in Barbados (Advisor: Jason Polk).
Pricope, Narcisa G. (M.S. Geoscience 2006) with co-authors (2013). The climate-population nexus in the East African Horn: Emerging degradation trends in rangeland and pastoral livelihood zones. Global Environmental Change 23(6): 1525-1541 (PR).
Pricope, Narcisa G. (M.S. Geoscience 2006) (2013) Variable-source flood pulsing in a semi-arid transboundary watershed: the Chobe River, Botswana and Namibia. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185: 1883-1906 (PR).
Powers, M.  (B.S. Geology S13), Rader, S. (B.S. Geology S12), (with Celestian, A.J.) (2013). In situ Raman spectroscopic study of transient polyhedral distortions during Cesium exchange into sitinakite. American Mineralogist 98(7): 1153-1161 (PR).


Bedel, A. (B.S. Meteorology S10) (2012) Climate Change and Associated Fire Potential for the southeastern United States in the 21st Century. M.S. Thesis in Geography, University of Georgia.

Blinn, Christopher (2012) Creation of a Spatial Decision Support System as a Risk Assessment Tool Based on Kentucky Tornado Climatology from 1950 to 2010 (Advisor: Stuart Foster).
Blaylock, Ian (2012) Long-Term Changes to the Frost-free Season as a Function of Climatic Continentality - Undergraduate Honors Thesis (Advisor: Stuart Foster).
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Cary, Melissa (2012) Making Music Sustainable: The Case of Marketing Summer Jamband Music Festivals in the US, 2010 (Advisor: Peggy Gripshover).

Chaney, Jim [M.S. Geoscience 2007] (2012) Malleable Identities: Placing the Garínagu in New Orleans. Journal of Latin American Geography 11(2): 122-144 (PR).

Davis, Celia (2012) An Examination of White-Nose Syndrome Occurrence and Dispersal Patterns: A Temporal-spatial Evaluation of an Emerging Pathogen (Advisor: Jason Polk).

Gaines, Mitchell (2012) Application of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model to Simulate a Squall Line: Implications of Choosing Parameterization Scheme Combinations and Model Initialization Datasets (Advisor: Rezaul Mahmood).

Humagain, Kamal (2012) Examining Land-Use/Land-Cover Change and Potential Causal Factors in the Context of Climate Change in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal (Advisor: John All).

Kenderes, Stuart (2012) A Mineralogical Textural and Chemical Characterization of an Intrusion at White Mountain, Sunlight Basin, Wyoming Undergraduate Honors Thesis (Advisor: Andrew Wulff).
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Young, Jeremy (2012) Teleconnective and Climate Scale Influences on Post-Tropical Cyclones (Advisor: Greg Goodrich).


Almudaris, Sami (2011) Measuring Accessibility to Primary Care Physicians in the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area (Advisor: Jun Yan).
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Benneyworth, Laura (2011) Distribution of Trace Elements in Cumberland River Basin Reservoir Sediments (Advisor: John All).
Craft, Kortney (2011) Economic Impacts of Drought on Kentucky Corn, Hay, and Soybeans (Advisor: Rezaul Mahmood).
Downen, Matthew R. (2011) Undergraduate Honors Thesis--The Formation History of Multi-layered Chondrules in Acfer-139 (CR2) (Advisor: Andrew Wulff).
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Fattic, Jana (2011) Determining the Viability of a Hybrid Experiential and Distance-Learning Educational Model for Water Treatment Plant Operators in Kentucky (Advisor: John All).
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  Bourette, Cari (2010) Earthquake Anxiety May Point to Future Trouble. Op Ed published in the Jackson Sun (TN) on April 11, 2010, in the Salida Mountain Mail (CO) on April 12, 2010, in the Chronicle (Willimantic, CT) on April 13, and in the NWTN Today (Union City (TN) on April 20.

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