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The Geology Faculty

Aaron J. Celestian, Ph.D.

  • Director of the Advanced Materials Institute
  • Associate Editor of the American Mineralogist
  • Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
  Associate Professor - Ph.D. 2006 Stony Brook University. Joined the department in 2007. Mineralogy, Crystallography, Geochemistry.
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PH: 270-745-5977
Email: aaron.celestian@wku.edu

Jennifer M. Cole, Ph.D.

  Instructor and Adjunct Associate Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
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Email: jennifer.cole1@wku.edu

Margaret Crowder, E.D.

  Instructor - Joined the department in 2002 and received her E.D. in 2012 from WKU. Historical Geology, Oceanography.
PH: 270-745-5973
Email: margaret.crowder@wku.edu

Nahid Gani, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor - Ph.D. 2006 University of Texas Dallas. Joined the department in 2012. Exploring tectonic-incision-climate coupling by integrating GIS-based incision model, low-temperature thermochronology and quantitative river profiles. Stable-isotope based paleoaltimetry and paleoclimate.
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PH: 270-745-2813
Email: nahid.gani@wku.edu

Joey Islas, M.S.

  Instructor - Joined the department in 2011.  Petroleum Geology.
Email: islasj@wku.edu

Michael T. May, Ph.D.

  • Geology Program Leader
  Professor - Ph.D. from Indiana University. Joined the department in 1996. Environmental Geology, Surficial Processes, Sedimentary Petrology.
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PH: 270-745-6891
Email: michael.may@wku.edu

 Helene Siewers, LEED AP

  Adjunct - Joined the department in 2010.  Landscape Architect.

Fred Siewers, Ph.D.


  Associate Professor - Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Joined the department in 1998. Sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and geochemistry.
PH: 270-745-5988
Email: fred.siewers@wku.edu

Andrew Wulff, Ph.D.

  Associate Professor - Ph.D from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.  Joined the department in 2002. Petrology and mineralogy.
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PH: 270-745-5976

Contributing Geography Faculty

Chris Groves, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography

Jason Polk, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography


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