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Various Paths to a Geology Degree at WKU


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Here are several lists that the Geology Faculty have created that align with our major research and education foci. These paths assume that you start your WKU education predeclared as a Geology Major. There is a lot of flexibility here, so do not think that these are the only options. Also, if you declare Geology as your major in your sophomore or junior year, we will be creating a new geology track sheet that address those concerns. But in the mean time, see a Geology advisor to discuss this in more detail.

First, download the General Geology Track Sheet for the B.S. here

Second, replace "Geology Electives" in the track sheet with those you have discussed with your advisor. Example tracks are below:


Paths for the Geology B.S. *
Example Path
Elective Courses that Define Path
Earth Materials GEOL 325, GEOL 430, GEOL 432 (pick 270 if 432 was already taken)
General Track  See Your Advisor or Email Fred Siewers
more paths are coming soon.  

* This is a work in progress, and more paths will be updated soon.  See your advisor for any questions about what electives you would like to take.




Paths for the Geology B.A.

This is a work in progress and will be updated soon.

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