Western Kentucky University

Butch Ross

Butch Ross

Musician, Writer, Independent Folklorist, Self Employed

Graduated: 2007


Where do you currently work?

Since graduating from WKU, I have been primarily reinvigorating the music career that I put on "hold" to attend school.


Tell me a bit about your career?

I play the mountain dulcimer --a folk instrument-- write songs about real people you've never heard of and sing them.


How has folklore prepared you for your career?

Although I am not currently in a full-time pursuit of folklore. My degree gave me an understanding of folklore and how groups interact and create their own networks of identity. This information is something that I find useful in real-world terms every single day. In addition, I still am independently pursuing subject topics discovered through the education process, and I will likely pursue a Ph.D. at some point.


I met wonderful, deeply intelligent people who stimulated my thinking and opening me up to a world of new ideas and concepts.




website: butchross.com

Butch Ross
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