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Nicki Howey

Nicki Howey
 "I had my moment of bazinga(!) that I wanted to be a folklorist through very influential conversations. Dr. Farley Normal encouraged me that I was capable of exceeding limitations...Dr. Ann Ferrell encouraged me to discover the area of interest I never knew existed."

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Educational Highlights:

Nicki earned a B.A. in Psychology and Folklore from Western Kentucky University. Her fondest memory from her undergrad experience was the day she graduated from the school of Behavioral Science. Dr. Gary A. Ransdell asked that single mothers stand to be acknowledged. As a single mom, it was an amazing feeling for Nicki to know she had made it that far, was going to keep going even further in her education, and was accomplishing it all with her children by her side.


Next at WKU:

Nicki's folklore interests are many and varied. She believes that's why the majority of folklorists join the field; they are interested in people, places, time, and preserving it all collectively.


On the Inside:

Nicki was born in Czechoslovakia when the country was still primarily under Russian control. She's lived in the southern U.S. since the age of 12 and considers herself a southerner. Nicki loves to cook but says she is a horrible baker.


Nicki in a Word:

"The English language offers for too many varieties of words to sum up a personality, or even moral values by just one word. "

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