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Alena Cieszko

Alena Cieszko


Alena Cieszko


Personal Background

Recently, I'm from Champaign, Illinois and before that from Eastern North Carolina.

Educational Background

I got a B.A. in Art History and a B.F.A. in Metals Design from Eastern Carolina University in Greenville.

Professional Background

My professional background is in retail sales and high-end commission sales.

Why Folklore?

I didn't even know what folklore was until I met a former professor named Chris Antonsen. He sat down to help me write an arts education grant. After hearing what I was actually passionate about, he told me that I absolutely had to apply to this program.

Fun Fact

I make a lot of costumes, from jewelry and wigs to sewing complete dresses to finding things at thrift stores. I have done theater costumes, burlesque dance costumes, steam punk, everything. I have even been paid for photo shoots.

What's your favorite word or phrase that sounds like a swear word but it's not?


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