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Climate Change Challenge


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Summer 2014


The Climate Change Challenge

Explore the impacts of climate change through the lens of many perspectives on board the MV Explorer.


Visiting Students

Visiting student must apply for admission to WKU to participate.  The WKU credit you earn would need to transfer back to your home institution.  Please contact your education abroad office to determine the process.


Check out the syllabus for each course
(updated Jan 31, 2014):

Economics 430 / 430G
Environmental and Resource Economics
Cathy Carey - cathy.carey@wku.edu
Dan Duran - Visiting professor with Whittier College - dduran@whittier.edu

EDU 401 / 401G - Special Topics
Special Topics in Teacher Education
Andrew West -- andrew.west@wku.edu

Geography 475 or Geoscience 510
We've Climate Changed: Interpreting Climate Change Science
Jason Polk - jason.polk@wku.edu
Leslie North - leslie.north@wku.edu

Honors 380
Trends Shaping Our Future: Local and Global Perspectives
Nathan Phelps - nathan.phelps@wku.edu

All students will also be enrolled in this 1-credit hour course:

ICSR 301
An Interdisciplinary Approach Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change
Bernie Strenecky - bernie.strenecky@wku.edu


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Western Kentucky University and its associates are not responsible for any loss due to theft, personal injury, flight or weather delays negligence or default of suppliers, or suppliers changing of itineraries. They and their associates are not responsible for any loss due to travel/flight delays or changes in travel plans due to Acts of Nature or other unforeseen circumstances, nor are we responsible for accidents and medical care. Tour services are furnished by independent contractors who are not agents or servants of Western Kentucky University. Refunds are not available for unused portions of the package.

Program Leaders


  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Lerwick, United Kingdom (Shetland Islands)
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Isafjordur, Iceland
  • Akureyri, Iceland
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Southampton, England (Disembark)


  • Summer 2014
    May 30 - June 15


  • $3,689 - $3,898
    *Airfare not included.

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