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Course Options  


Honors Augmentation

If the course is an upper-division, faculty-led course, then student can do an Honors Augmentation contract.  There does not need to be a different syllabus.  The student contracts the project with the professor, and then it is approved by the Honors College before the start of the summer term.  

Learn more:  http://www.wku.edu/honors/forms/augmentation-contract.php


Honors Embedded Section

Or you may choose to offer an embedded Honors section (HEEC).  For this, a separate syllabus with the additional Honors requirements is included with the proposal.  It is best to contact the Honors College for details on how best to create an honors section.


Financial Support From the Honors College

There are funding opportunities for both faculty and students for Honors coursework. 

Learn more at this link:   http://www.wku.edu/honors/forms/faculty-engagement-grant.php


Graduate Section

Program leaders may wish to add a graduate section as well.  Again, a separate syllabus is normally included in the proposal.   

 Last Modified 7/22/13