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On-Site Advising

On-Site Advising

Advisors will assist you in course selection and help you navigate your college years. Prior to registration (late October and early November for spring semesters; mid to late April for fall semesters), an advising hold is placed on all student accounts which prevents registration. It is necessary for students to see their assigned advisor to have the advising hold lifted in order to register for classes.

All degree-seeking students at WKU are assigned an academic advisor, which you can find on TopNet under Student Services, then Registration, and View Advisor Information. If you don't have an advisor listed, email academic.advising@wku.edu or call (270) 745-5065.

For On-Site Advising, academic advisors from the AARC will be available in the residence halls and around campus to advise students who have not yet made an appointment with their advisor.


On-Site Advising Dates

 Last Modified 3/28/14