Western Kentucky University

Sexual Harassment Training

Quid Pro Quo and the Hostile Work Environment

Quid Pro what? Is that the same as a Hostile Work Environment?

Quid Pro Quo occurs when an individual is offered a favor in exchange for an action, sexual in nature. If an employee or student accepts the request, they may receive benefits such as a promotion from their supervisor or a higher grade from their professor. If an employee or student rejects the sexual advance, they may note retaliation against them. Regardless of accepting or rejecting a sexual request, a hostile work environment can be developed. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment is created when an individual does not welcome the sexual advance, which they find to be offensive, which affects a person's ability to do their job or function at a coherent level. In addition, co-workers or peers may become aware that their colleague or classmate is receiving extra benefits and become frustrated. In addition, if the relationship between an employee and their supervisor goes wrong, an unstable environment between the two will be created which will also affect others.

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 Last Modified 7/3/14