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Section 508 / Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility, Usability, and Standards

Western Kentucky University rules mandate that all Web pages intended for the students have to exceed accessibility and usability standards that have been set forth by both the state and federal government. To that end, the Western Kentucky University Web Accessibility Project provides resources, guidelines and information to help campus Webmasters, developers, and designers with issues of best practices and compliance.


More than just a clearinghouse, the Web Accessibility Project is a hub for the Western Kentucky University Web community to collaborate with and educate each other on issues regarding accessibility and usability. This fulfills the second aspect of university rules whereby Web authors are encouraged "to exceed minimum standards to enhance accessibility and usability for the entire University community."


Introduction to web accessibility

Policy & law

Education & Training

Tools & Resources


If you have any web accessibility questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at section508@wku.edu

 Last Modified 7/3/14