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CWD: Courses: Team and Employee Development

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Team Goals and Objectives


Employees who participate in organizational teams need to understand what they are trying to accomplish. They may have specialized skills and knowledge concerning the company’s operations, but they must also be able to articulate and provide direction for the team. Action plans, with specific goals and objectives, give a team direction, keep the participants on task, and increase a team’s productivity.


The participant will learn: (1) how to develop a team action plan, (2) how to develop goals and objectives, (3) time line and budget implications of a plan for teams.

Content Outline

  • Recognize characteristics of effective team members
  • Develop a team mission/vision
  • Identify team strengths and contributions to the organization
  • Conduct an informal assessment of team needs and concerns
  • Develop team goals to address the needs and concerns
  • Translate goals into specific team objectives with outcomes
  • Development of a team action plan

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for team members, team leaders, and supervisory or management personnel.

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