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CWD: Courses: Team and Employee Development

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Effective Employees

Session Format:

One 3-Hour Session


Employees respond to management direction and leadership. They also react to the behavior of other workers. It is important to focus employees on the qualities of effective employees. Participants will learn the qualities that assure job efficiency and personal satisfaction in the work place.


The participant will learn: (1) how to enjoy and experience more productive work, (2) to energize themselves in order to optimize effectiveness, (3) the importance of enthusiasm, and (4) the need for a self-management system.

Content Outline

  • Creating an awareness of negative qualities and ways to curb them
  • Ways to know what energizes
  • Ways to reinvent enthusiasm
  • The importance of getting rid of the garbage in your life

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for all employees.

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