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Total Quality Management for Front-Line Employees

Session Format:

One 3-Hour Session


Front-line employees are the final determinants of whether or not Total Quality Management is successful. This session is primarily for front-line production employees in a TQM program; specific emphasis is given to changes that will have to take place "in the trenches" in a TQM program.


The participant will learn: (1) how Total Quality Management is more of an attitude than a technique, (2) what changes the employee can expect as a result of moving to a TQM approach, (3) how front-line employees can use TQM to enhance their quality of life both on– and off–the–job.

Content Outline

  • TQM: an attitude, not a technique
  • How work differs under a TQM system
  • How customer satisfaction drives TQM
  • Loyalty: an expanded concept
  • A new way to view your supervisor
  • Using TQM to everyone’s advantage

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for a homogenous group of employees composing a team.

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