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SPC Concepts

Session Format:

One 2-Hour Session


It is essential that employees who can affect the production process understand the quality/productivity relationship and the power of statistical methods in controlling the consistency of manufactured products. Understanding HOW to complete a chart is only part of SPC. The most important aspect of any SPC program is understanding WHY statistical methods work. This training session provides an overview of SPC techniques and explains why they are effective.


The participant will understand: (1) applications of SPC to modern manufacturing processes, (2) terms and definitions of SPC, and (3) the relevance of SPC to quality improvement.

Content Outline

  • An overview of statistical process control
  • Variability
  • Control charts
  • Decision analysis
  • Problem analysis
  • Quality improvement processes

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for production personnel, quality assurance, or upper to middle level management.

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