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Lean Manufacturing

Session Format:

8 Hours Total


Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy of efficiency which, when implemented, shortens the time between customer order and factory shipment by eliminating waste.


The participant will be able to: (1) differentiate between a push and a pull system, (2) list the wastes which must be eliminated to make your manufacturing process lean, (3) explain how those wastes reduce your company’s profits, (4) explain the kaizen process, (5) understand how a kanban works, and (6) make more effective use of employee time which will be available as a result of waste elimination.

Content Outline

  • Experience the effectiveness of lean manufacturing
  • "Catch a vision" of how lean manufacturing elements can be used
  • Apply the principles of lean manufacturing on simulated factory floor in several intensive production rounds
  • Overviews of case studies and in–depth information in key areas

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, supervisors and/or supervisory trainees, and team leaders responsible for assisting employees.

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