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Introduction to Statistical Process Control

Session Format:

8 Hours Total (Two 4-Hour Sessions)


This training session follows the Fundamentals of Statistics training session and focuses on the mechanics of controlling the production process through the application of statistical methods. Deming’s concepts of Statistical Process Control (SPC), implementation of an SPC program, and data interpretation are covered in this session.


The participant will learn: (1) sampling as a tool in maintaining quality, (2) control chart construction and interpretation, (3) the differences between statistical control limits and engineering specifications, (4) to interpret control charts, and (5) the calculation and interpretation of process capability measures.

Content Outline

  • Constructing and interpreting X and R Charts
  • Specifications versus control limits
  • Process control and process capability
  • Statistical control

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for those responsible for the operation of manufacturing processes and those who compose quality improvement groups. An understanding of "Fundamentals of Statistics" is required.

(When appropriate for the industry, median charts, individual charts and/or P & C Attribute charts, will be discussed.)

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