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CWD: Courses: Management and Supervisory Training

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After All, You’re the Supervisor

Session Format:

One 4-hour session


Our work today entails mastering more knowledge and skills than ever before. From advanced technology to greater emphasis upon efficiency and increased productivity, we are simply required to know more, and know it better, than any generation of worker before us. This course will provide information about components of supervisory success which are critical to new supervisors.


The participant will learn to: (1) acknowledge their new role, (2), plan and prioritize, (3) communicate upward and downward, (4) delegate, and (5) discipline effectively.

Content Outline

  • Description of the role of a supervisor
  • Differences in relationships of supervisors and team members
  • The importance of planning and prioritizing
  • Practice delegation
  • Differences in upward and downward communications

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for new supervisors.

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