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The Art of Influencing Others

Session Format:

One 4–Hour Session


“Influencing” is the ability to win others to your way of thinking, to get people to like you, to be persuasive, and to be able to change people’s minds without resentment.  The purpose of this class is to teach people the skills they need so that others will want to grant them the power to affect outcomes.  Also, in this class the group will discuss qualities that influential people have and participants will have an opportunity to assess themselves in these areas.


The participant will learn to:  (1) build rapport and develop genuine relationships (2) improve communication skills, including verbal and nonverbal messages, to be more effective with others, and (3) recognize common barriers to communication.

Content Outline

  • How to build rapport
  • Identify common communication filters
  • How to use your power and influence to influence others
  • Use your influence to resolve conflicts

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for management teams, team leaders, and supervisors.

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