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Going Green in the Workplace

Learn how to position your business as a responsible environmental leader in a world of green consumers and carbon-conscious regulators. In this course, you'll discover how to save energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint, all at the same time.

First, we'll talk about how you can trim your energy costs without reducing your productivity by making your lighting, HVAC, and building control systems more efficient. After that, we'll explore ways to cut your water bill and look at waste reduction strategies that can save you money while helping you move toward a sustainable business model. We'll also delve into transportation and shipping, examining the benefits of alternative fuels, hybrids, and all-electric vehicles.

Next, you'll get a primer on renewable energy and learn how to integrate wind and solar power into your energy use plan. You'll also learn about buying green power, carbon offsets, and renewable energy credits. And finally, you'll get the information you need about LEED accreditation and how to measure and manage your carbon emissions in order to comply with any eventual carbon tax or cap-and-trade system.

Throughout the course, you'll examine real-world examples of energy-saving solutions and find out how to calculate the costs, benefits, and paybacks of these projects. You'll also learn how to communicate the environmental benefits of your actions to your customers and your business partners, transforming your business into a leader in the green economy.

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