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CWD: Supervisor Certificate Program

Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have an employee who attended Fair Supervisory Practices in 2011. Will he be required to take this class again to receive the certificate?
A. Classes completed through the Warren County Industrial Consortium within the last 24 months may be credited toward program requirements.
Q. I may have some employees who want to attend some of the classes but not be enrolled in the certificate program. Is that possible?
A. Currently, the certificate program is limited to employees who commit for all of the classes. However, our quarterly schedule will still be available for individual classes.
Q. If I have an emergency, will I be able to take the class later?
A. The Board of Directors will review any exceptions and make decisions on an individual basis. We will assist in offering make-up classes for employees to attend in order to fulfill their attendance requirements.
Q. What are the certificate requirements?
A. The program requirements are completion of 16 courses. This schedule is planned to accommodate a cohort group.
Q. If I want to enroll 7 employees, are there limits to the number I can send?
A. Companies are limited to enrolling a maximum of 5 employees during initial enrollment. If space is available after initial enrollments are completed, companies may enroll on a "first come, first serve basis."
Q. How long will it take to complete the certificate program?
A. The Supervisor Certificate Program is designed to complete in 9 months.
Q. What is the class size?
A. Class sizes are limited to a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 22.
Q. What is the schedule for the classes?
A. The Supervisor Certificate Program is designed to complete in 9 months delivered on connecting sessions. The schedule dates are posted here.
Q. If I enroll one of my employees, what are the payment requirements?
A. Once you enroll an employee, the consortium will invoice the company for the total cost of the program up front.
 Last Modified 11/22/13