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Counseling and Student Affairs

Meet our current CSI Officers

President – Candace Sneed


I am Candace Sneed. I will be serving as the president of CSI this year. I am excited about the opportunities and look forward to upcoming events and fellowship with other members of CSI! It’s going to be great!

Some things about me: I am a passionate graduate student, completing my degree in Marriage/Couples/Family Counseling. My background is in education and I decided that was not enough for me. I wished for deeper, more meaningful work with people. So, I chose Counseling. For me, the change has been an epiphany. There is no doubt counseling is my calling. Currently, I work at Lifeskills counseling individuals with Substance Abuse disorders. I also counsel families and couples who have been affected by substance abuse. Serving in the helping role is one of my greatest joys in life! What a privilege it is for us to be a part of the lives of others in such an important way!

My other passions stem from my home life. I have a handsome two-year-old son, who is the center of everything that I do. He’s such a sweet and funny child; it would be hard for him not to be the focal point of my life. I also have a wonderful husband, Adam, who serves as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force Reserves. Adam is in the process of switching from Reservist to Active Duty, which means our life will be transitioning outside of Bowling Green, KY, upon my completion of degree here at WKU. What a great opportunity to work alongside such a capable husband and love of my life! My desire is to partner with him in counseling military families who are hurting and in need of some professional assistance.

Other hobbies of mine: Learning, hiking, playing softball, playing volleyball, cooking, trying new things, volunteering for charitable causes, fellowshipping with people, living life!

So, why do I wish to continue to be a part of CSI and why am I so excited about serving as the president of our local chapter? Because CSI is a part of who I am! CSI is a place where I can learn more about the field of my passion, fellowship with other professionals, meet new people in the program; enjoy serving the community, and having fun while doing it! What an exhilarating opportunity!

Secretary/Treasurer – Sarah Castlen

sarahSarah is in her final year of the School Counseling program. She loves to read, watch football, and spend time with her friends that have become an extension of her family. Sarah loves to travel to new places. She is very creative and loves to turn "old" things into new treasures.

Sarah believes that it is important to be part of a national honors society because it is an opportunity to share knowledge with others. No one can be an expert on everything, so it is great to have a way to be connected with people from whom you can ask for help and also offer you assistance. It is also a good way to stay knowledgeable on the up and coming issues that may arise when counseling.

Clinical Mental Health Representative - Emily Asposito

Hello! My name is Emily Asposito and I am honored to be your student representative for the MFT/CMH programs. This is my second and final year in the counseling program and my first year as an official member of CSI. I graduated from WKU in 2012 with a BA in Psychology, went straight into the clinical mental health counseling program and haven't looked back since! I also work on campus as a student worker in the purchasing department. Currently I am completing my internship at Rivendell Behavioral Health Services here in Bowling Green. If you ever have any questions about CSI, the counseling program, practicum/internship, or anything else I'd be happy to help.

School Counseling Representative – Arielle Dayberry

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