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Admission to the Counseling and Student Affairs Master's Degree Programs (For Fall 2011 and later)

A. Orientation Meeting

Upon admission all students are required to attend an Orientation Meeting. Students are expected to have read the Student Handbook (pdf) and be prepared to discuss the handbook content and questions they might have about the handbook's content. You will be informed of the date, location, and time for this meeting shortly before the start of the fall semester.

B. Appealing admissions decisions

Students may appeal admissions decisions with the department head for the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs.

Initiate this process by email to bill.kline@wku.edu

C. Retention Criteria

In order to remain in good standing admitted students must meet the current academic requirements established by the Office of Graduate Studies. In addition, students' behaviors in and out of the classroom must reflect essential interpersonal skills and professional attitudes and competencies. Students who do not maintain these standards are subject to review and possible removal from a master's program of study. Consult the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs' Student Handbook for details regarding retention criteria and procedures.

Note: Non-degree seeking students who wish to enroll in Practicum and/or Internship through the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs must also be formally admitted to the Counseling Programs.

 Last Modified 7/22/13