Western Kentucky University

Computer Science

Resources for CS Students

    1. MSDN Academic Alliance(MSDNAA)
      Download softwares from MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center.
      For registration or difficulties, please contact our MSDNAA admin and include your WKU 800 number.
    2. Computer Labs
      • Tutoring Center – TCCW 117
        Tutors are available during the day to help students in our introductory courses. Laptops can be checked out for use in the tutoring center.
      • The Networking Lab – Snell B105
        The networking lab is designed to give students hands-on experience related to the topics and concepts discussed in the departmental classes related to networking. It contains a collection of routers, hubs, wireless equipment and workstations. The networking lab is currently housed in Snell B105.
 Last Modified 5/20/14