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Rank I Program in Speech Language Pathology

The Rank I is a planned program of study for school based speech-language pathologists in Kentucky. Applicants to the Rank I program must hold or be eligible to hold the Rank II Kentucky Teacher certification in Speech-Language Pathology. If you are interested in the Rank I but are not currently teacher certified in speech-language pathology, you would first need to complete the Master's degree in speech-language pathology in order to be eligible to apply and be accepted. Students outside of Kentucky are welcome to take the courses but it will not lead to the Rank I. The courses may be able to serve as continuing education units for ASHA certification or state licensure.

All Rank I students must have a Master's degree or be in the last semester of study for the master's degree. It indicates 60 approved hours of graduate study (including the Master's degree.) For example, a student whose master's program was 48 hours, would need an additional 12 planned hours to earn the Rank I.

If 9 or fewer hours are needed, all should be taken in the Communication Disorders (CD) Department. If 12 or more are needed, the majority should be taken within the CD Department. Current state regulations (16 KAR 8:010) stipulate that at least 15 hours of the Rank I program must come from the recommending institution. If your Master's is from WKU, you can earn 14 or fewer hours directly toward the Rank I. If however, your Master's is from another school, you would need to earn at least 15 hours directly toward the Rank I. For more information on this policy click here.

Course work is as follows (all courses are 3 credits):

Required Course

•CD 589 Special Topics in Communication Disorders

Choose at least one course from the following:

•CD 503 Advanced Diagnostic Procedures in Speech Pathology
•CD 505 Orofacial Anomalies
•CD 550 Consultation in Communication Disorders
•CD 570 Administration and Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology
•CD 572 Contemporary Issues in Communication Disorders (may be taken two times if the topic of the class is different)
•CD 619 Assistive Technology and Communication Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
•Any graduate course in Communication Disorders that does not appear on the student's graduate transcript may be acceptable

Coursework Outside of the CD Department:

If choosing to take courses outside the CD Department, students can select from the following courses to obtain a total of 60 hours:
•PSY 511/510 Psychology of Learning
•EXED 532 Families, Professionals, and Exceptionalities
•LTCY 519 Foundations of Teaching Reading
•EXED 620 Seminar in the Administration of Special Education
•EDAD 594 Seminar in Leadership: Auxiliary Programs in Education
•EXED 518 Contemporary Challenges in Special Education
•CNS 586 Parenting Issues
•CNS 552 Testing and Assessment in Counseling
•Other approved electives may be acceptable

Total: 60 Graduate Credit Hours

Web-Based Program

All Communication Disorders courses provided for distance learning cohorts are web-based courses. This means that you complete assignments, readings, etc, from your home. You will need a computer or access to a computer having a minimum of 56K-band rate, and Internet access with a reliable Internet service provider that can handle Java script.

For further information, contact Dr. Lauren Bland at lauren.bland@wku.edu

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How Do I Apply to the Rank I in Speech Language Pathology Program?

Application and Admission Requirements

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