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Master of Arts in Organizational Communication

The graduate program in Communication offers students many opportunities to advance their education through a Master's program or a Graduate Certificate. Our mission is to provide graduate students with engaging, challenging, and rewarding programs integrating communication theory, practice, and problem-based research. Our vibrant program includes coursework in organizational, health, interpersonal, and intercultural communication providing students with a well-rounded academic experience. Utilizing foundational works and contemporary studies of communication processes, we prepare students to advance in professional and academic endeavors. Below is a brief description of our Graduate Programs in Communication:

The Master of Arts in Organizational Communication prepares students for a variety of careers and pursuits in which advanced communication study is helpful, especially management, personnel relations, training, sales, marketing, and intercultural communication.   While many of our graduates find success in diverse organizational settings we also have a number of students in quality doctoral programs around the country, including the University of Missouri, Ohio University, Kent State, Texas A & M, and Bowling Green State University.

The Graduate Certificate Communicating in Organizations provides students the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of how communication functions in organizations. Using foundational and current research in the field, students are exposed to organizational communication theory and processes. Students take graduate courses that focus on general organizational communication theory, applied organizational communication, communication within specific organizational contexts, and one other course chosen by participants as especially relevant to students' own work and interests. This certificate can be taken completely on-line.

The Graduate Certificate Communicating in Healthcare is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the role of communication in healthcare contexts. This certificate will explore interpersonal as well as organizational factors affecting healthcare and will assist students in developing communication strategies and skills. Students completing the program not only will understand how to communicate more effectively within their health profession but also will know how better to communicate with patients to maximize patient care and enhance advocacy. This certificate can be taken completely on-line.

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We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Communication graduate program at WKU. For more information check out our website or contact us at:

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