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Chinese Flagship

Student Profile--Bailey Mack

Bailey Mack, an International Affairs and Spanish double major, studied in Taiwan in summer of 2012, volunteered in Peru during Winter 2013, and is returning to Taiwan in summer 2013 for her second intensive program at the International Chinese Language Program at Taiwan National University. Bailey has received multiple internal and external scholarships for her studies in Peru and Taiwan, including the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.


What interested you about Flagship?

I didn't join the Flagship program my freshman year, but had friends who did. As an outsider, it was really amazing to me how quickly they progressed and how different the program was from a normal language class. I like a challenge, and Flagship has that in spades.

What is your favorite thing about Flagship?

Flagship is hard, but it really is so rewarding. If you had told me a few years ago that not only would I be learning Chinese in college, but also testing at the high intermediate level after one year I would have thought you were crazy.

What keeps you motivated?

I like to learn, and I like to learn languages. Learning languages isn't just about language, but about culture and people. It's actually really interdisciplinary, which means it's always interesting.

What are your current career goals, and how do you plan on incorporating Chinese into those goals?

I would like to work in the international field, probably in government. China is becoming increasingly more important in the international community both politically and economically, and knowing Chinese makes me more prepared for any job I may go into.

What are the most rewarding things about Flagship?

How quickly you progress, and how many doors it opens for you as a student. While it's getting more popular as a language, it's still pretty rare to find students studying Chinese at the level we do.

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