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Gordon Ford College of Business faculty members are committed to outstanding teaching and dedicated to seeking new knowledge, ideas, and best practices.

Dr. Bolton Dawn                          Dr. Bolton studies individual entrepreneurial orientation, and gender in                                         entrepreneurship and in leadership, for the region and internationally. Her current research               (for which she has received a WKU internal grant) looks at the impact on small business                   restaurants of recent food labeling legislation. Her previous research compared women                     entrepreneurs in three countries as part of a FIPSE grant (The Alliance to Enhance                               Entrepreneurial Impact to Stimulate Economic Growth among Underserved Groups in North               America). She has published in several journals and made presentations at International                   conferences. She teaches in the areas of decision modeling, entrepreneurship, and                             leadership.

               Her journal articles include:: 

               - New Menu Labeling Requirements for Retail Food Chains: Possible Impact on Small                          Business Restaurants.

               - Journal of Women's Entrepreneurship and Education.

       Dr. Dawn Langkamp Bolton                       - Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: Further Investigation of a Measurement Instrument.

                                                                                - Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: Development of a Measurement Instrument.

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