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Required Courses

Required Courses

What two courses (6 hours) are required for the EE Endorsement and when are they offered?

 ENVE 520 - Introduction to Environmental Education

This course provides students with an introduction to the field of environmental education. It includes basic history and philosophy, methodologies, resources for formal and non-formal educators, and current trends in the field. It is taught primarily through a series of hands-on experiences, simulations, and reflective discussion. (3 hours - offered as a second bi-term class in the fall & spring semesters)

 ENVE 580 - Instructional Strategies in Environmental Education

This course is designed to assist classroom teachers and other formal and non-formal educators to improve their understanding of the natural and cultural environment. In addition, it provides participants with opportunities to learn how to utilize the environment in their instructional programs. Specific attention is given to teaching at the early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school levels, specifically as it relates to outdoor and environmental education. Goals, objectives, and teaching strategies associated with environmental education will be reviewed in keeping with the characteristic needs of learners at specific age levels. Emphasis will be placed on the interrelatedness of environmental education with traditional curriculum content areas. On-site experiences will be conducted at various sites at Land Between the Lakes, in west Kentucky and Tennessee. (3 hours - offered summer semester and when needed) Permission from the instructor is required before registering. For more information about the summer institute, click here.



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