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WKU-Child Care Center (CCC) Garden Club 2013

WKU-Child Care Center (CCC) Garden Club 2013

The Center's Office Associate, Trish Sowell worked with CCC teacher, Christy Rogers and her students, using literature, songs, dance, dramatization, arts and crafts to learn about the different parts of a plant. And how different parts of the plant are edible. The students planted seeds and plants, watered what they planted, picked the plants and ate them for lunch, fresh out of the garden.  Each week the students went to the garden to observe the growth and development of the plants and water them using water from the rain barrel. Lettuce and spincish were grown for the leaves. Carrots and radishes were grown for the roots. Broccoli and califlower were grown for the stalks, flowers, and flower buds. Sugar snap peas were grown for the seeds. Tomatoes, peppers and cucmbers were also planted. After the lettuce, spinach, radishes, onions were pulled, pumkins and guords were planted and will develope until frost; in hopes of having decorations for Halloween.
Click here to view a show of their garden story.

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