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WKU EDD Alumni

Name (Cohort)/Email Program Dissertation Date

Amy Allen (Cohort VII)

P-12 Administration Allen May 2014

John Baker (Cohort I)          

Organizational Leadership Baker  May 2011

Kirk Biggerstaff (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Biggerstaff  May 2012

Steve briggs (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Briggs August 2014

Dana Clayton (Cohort V)    

Post-Secondary Leadership Clayton December 2013

Matthew Constant (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Constant  May 2011

Stephanie Cornwell (Cohort I)              

Teacher Leadership Cornwell December 2014

Edwin Craft (Cohort II)       

Organizational Leadership Craft  May 2011

Margaret Crowder (Cohort III)

Post-Secondary Leadership Crowder  December 2012

Dan Costellow (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Costellow  December 2011

Wes Cottongim (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration  Cottongim May 2012

Heidi Crocker (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Crocker May 2013

Kim Cunningham (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Cunningham May 2013

Kelly Davis (Cohort I)

Organizational Leadership Davis May 2011

Nadia Deleon Sautu (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Sautu December 2013

Brian Dunican  (Cohort VIII)                    

Organizational Leadership Dunican Spring 2015

Cindy Ehresman (Cohort I)

Post-Secondary Leadership Ehresman   December 2011

Chris Gaddis (Cohort IV)   

P-12 Administration Gaddis December 2013

Tim Gott (Cohort III)                 

P-12 Administration Gott  May 2012

Kimberly Green (Cohort VII)                                                                                                                           

Postsecondary Leadership Green May 2015

Eric Gregory (Cohort I)                                    

Organizational  Leadership Gregory May 2015

Kristie Guffey (Cohort IV)

Organizational Leadership  Guffey December 2012 

Angela Gunter (Cohort I)

Teacher Leader  Gunter May 2011 

Daryl Hagan (Cohort VII)

P-12 Administration Hagan May 2014

Ryan Hall (Cohort IV)             

Post-Secondary Leadership Hall December 2013

Michael Hamilton (Cohort VI)   

P-12 Administration Hamilton December 2014

Lynn Hines (Cohort VI)        

Teacher Leadership Hines December 2013

Sonya House (Cohort II)    

Post-Secondary Leadership House May 2013

LeAnn Howell (Cohort III)

Organizational Leadership Howell December 2013

Samuel Hunt (Cohort VII)             

Post-Secondary Leadership Hunt August 2014

Ladonna Hunton (Cohort VII)                                              

Post-Secondary Leadership Hunton May 2015

Tracy Inman (Cohort I)     

Teacher Leadership Inman December 2011

Bob Jackson  (Cohort II)

Organizational Leadership  Jackson May 2012

Mana Kariman (Cohort VII)

Post-Secondary Leadership Kariman May 2014

Eric Keeling (Cohort VIII)

P-12 Administration Keeling May 2015

Linda Keller (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Keller May 2012

Tony Kirchner (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Kirchner  May 2012

Benny Lile (Cohort II)

P-12 Administration  Lile May 2012

Penelope Logsdon (Cohort III)

Post-Secondary Leadership Logsdon December 2011

Jace Lux (Cohort I)                   

Organizational Leadership Lux  December 2012

Lee Maglinger  (Cohort I)  

Organizational Leadership Maglinger  December 2011

Hajara Mahmood (Cohort V)

Post-Secondary Leadership Mahmood May 2014

Walter Malone (Cohort IV)                    

Organizational Leadership Malone May 2015

Lauren Martin (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration Martin May 2014

Kenyetta Martin (Cohort V)         

Post-Secondary Leadership Martin December 2014

Sherri McGuffin (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration  McGuffin December 2011

Andy Moore (Cohort V)

Teacher Leader Moore May 2013

Mary Lloyd Moore (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Moore December 2013

Christopher Mueller (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Mueller  May 2012

Shahbaz Munawar (Cohort IV)                      

Organizational Leadership Munawar May 2015

Adam Murray (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Murray May 2014

Chunling Niu (Cohort VI)                                    

Organizational Leadership Niu May 2015

David Oliver (Cohort V)      

Organizational Leadership Oliver December 2013

Lisa Owen (Cohort VIII)              

Organizational Leadership Owen December 2014

Annette Parker (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Parker  December 2012

Jenaya Perdue (Cohort VII)          

Post-Secondary Leadership Perdue August 2014

Nathan Phelps (Cohort VI)          

Post-Secondary Leadership Phelps August 2014

Rheanna Plemons (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Plemons May 2014

Catrice Reese (Cohort V)

Post-Secondary Leadership Reese May 2014

Leigh Anne Roden (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration  Roden December 2011

Rachel Rosales (Cohort V)

P-12 Administration Rosales December 2013

Gregory Ross (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration  Ross December 2012

Donna Schiess (Cohort I)

Organizational Leadership Schiess December 2011

Chris Schmidt (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Schmidt December 2012

Jo Shackelford (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Shackelford  May 2012 

Meredith.Skaggs (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Skaggs December 2014

Rhonda Simpson (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Simpson  December 2012

Lee Ann Smith (Cohort I)    

Post-Secondary Leadership Smith December 2014

Tamela Smith (Cohort III)

Organizational Leadership Smith  May 2013

Thomas Stewart (Cohort II)   

P-12 Administration Stewart December 2011

Kevin Thomas (Cohort I) 

Post-Secondary Leadership Thomas May 2012

Kim Vickous (Cohort III)                                    

Organizational Leadership Vickous May 2015

Wesley Waddle (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Waddle May 2012

Lee Ann Wall (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Wall December 2012

Kevin Weaver (Cohort VII)                    

Post-secondary Leadership Weaver May 2015

Gary Wiser (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Wiser May 2013

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.

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