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WKU EDD Alumni

Name (Cohort)/Email Program Dissertation Date

Amy Allen (Cohort VII)

P-12 Administration Allen May 2014

John Baker (Cohort I)          

Organizational Leadership Baker  May 2011

Kirk Biggerstaff (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Biggerstaff  May 2012

Steve briggs (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Briggs August 2014

Dana Clayton (Cohort V)    

Post-Secondary Leadership Clayton December 2013

Matthew Constant (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Constant  May 2011

Stephanie Cornwell (Cohort I)              

Teacher Leadership Cornwell December 2014

Edwin Craft (Cohort II)       

Organizational Leadership Craft  May 2011

Margaret Crowder (Cohort III)

Post-Secondary Leadership Crowder  December 2012

Dan Costellow (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Costellow  December 2011

Wes Cottongim (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration  Cottongim May 2012

Heidi Crocker (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Crocker May 2013

Kim Cunningham (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Cunningham May 2013

Kelly Davis (Cohort I)

Organizational Leadership Davis May 2011

Nadia Deleon Sautu (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Sautu December 2013

Cindy Ehresman (Cohort I)

Post-Secondary Leadership Ehresman   December 2011

Chris Gaddis (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Gaddis December 2013

Tim Gott (Cohort III)                 

P-12 Administration Gott  May 2012

Kristie Guffey (Cohort IV)

Organizational Leadership  Guffey December 2012 

Angela Gunter (Cohort I)

Teacher Leader  Gunter May 2011 

Daryl Hagan (Cohort VII)

P-12 Administration Hagan May 2014

Ryan Hall (Cohort IV) 

Post-Secondary Leadership Hall December 2013

Michael Hamilton (Cohort VI)   

P-12 Administration Hamilton December 2014

Lynn Hines (Cohort VI)

Teacher Leadership Hines December 2013

Sonya House (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership House May 2013

LeAnn Howell (Cohort III)

Organizational Leadership Howell December 2013

Samuel Hunt (Cohort VII)             

Post-Secondary Leadership Hunt August 2014

Tracy Inman (Cohort I)

Teacher Leadership Inman December 2011

Bob Jackson  (Cohort II)

Organizational Leadership  Jackson May 2012

Mana Kariman (Cohort VII)

Post-Secondary Leadership Kariman May 2014

Linda Keller (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Keller May 2012

Tony Kirchner (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Kirchner  May 2012

Benny Lile (Cohort II)

P-12 Administration  Lile May 2012

Penelope Logsdon (Cohort III)

Post-Secondary Leadership Logsdon December 2011

Jace Lux (Cohort I)               

Organizational Leadership Lux  December 2012

Lee Maglinger  (Cohort I)

Organizational Leadership Maglinger  December 2011

Hajara Mahmood (Cohort V)

Post-Secondary Leadership Mahmood May 2014

Lauren Martin (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration Martin May 2014

Kenyetta Martin (Cohort V)         

Post-Secondary Leadership Martin December 2014

Sherri McGuffin (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration  McGuffin December 2011

Andy Moore (Cohort V)

Teacher Leader Moore May 2013

Mary Lloyd Moore (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Moore December 2013

Christopher Mueller (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Mueller  May 2012

Adam Murray (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Murray May 2014

David Oliver (Cohort V)

Organizational Leadership Oliver December 2013

Lisa Owen (Cohort VIII)              

Organizational Leadership Owen December 2014

Annette Parker (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership Parker  December 2012

Jenaya Perdue (Cohort VII)          

Post-Secondary Leadership Perdue August 2014

Nathan Phelps (Cohort VI)          

Post-Secondary Leadership Phelps August 2014

Rheanna Plemons (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Plemons May 2014

Catrice Reese (Cohort V)

Post-Secondary Leadership Reese May 2014

Leigh Anne Roden (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration  Roden December 2011

Rachel Rosales (Cohort V)

P-12 Administration Rosales December 2013

Gregory Ross (Cohort III)

P-12 Administration  Ross December 2012

Donna Schiess (Cohort I)

Organizational Leadership Schiess December 2011

Chris Schmidt (Cohort II)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Schmidt December 2012

Jo Shackelford (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership Shackelford  May 2012 

Meredith.Skaggs (Cohort VI)

Post-Secondary Leadership Skaggs December 2014

Rhonda Simpson (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Simpson  December 2012

Lee Ann Smith (Cohort I)    

Post-Secondary Leadership Smith December 2014

Tamela Smith (Cohort III)

Organizational Leadership Smith  May 2013

Thomas Stewart (Cohort II) 

P-12 Administration Stewart December 2011

Kevin Thomas (Cohort I)

Post-Secondary Leadership Thomas May 2012

Wesley Waddle (Cohort I)

P-12 Administration Waddle May 2012

Lee Ann Wall (Cohort IV)

P-12 Administration Wall December 2012

Gary Wiser (Cohort IV)

Post-Secondary Leadership  Wiser May 2013

Doctoral Student Directory

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