Western Kentucky University


Cohort IX

Name/Email Program Proposed Dissertation Topic
Sharlene Baragona   sharlene.baragona610@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD                                        
Brian Brausch                brian.brausch@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Geralyn Caplan geralyn.caplan830@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Carol Clark       carol.clark838@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Nicole Cobb       nicole.cob024@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Philip Coots   philip.coots588@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Sakiba Dzelil                  sakiba.dzelil@wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Chika Ejike                                 chika.ejike247@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Scott Gordon                   scott.gordon@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
David Hamilton      david.hamilton409@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Amy Hardin                    amy.hardin@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Andrew Kester                               andrew.kester086@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Jennifer Luttrell jennifer.luttrell418@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Karen Mackey  karen.mackey168@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Meena Mann              meena.mann@wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Corie Martin                    corie.martin@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Nadine Menser  nadine.menser185@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Dawayne Myer  dawayne.meyer518@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Dawn Winters              dawn.winters@wku.edu Post-Seondary Leadership TBD

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.
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