Western Kentucky University

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Cohort VI

Name/Email Program Proposed Dissertation Topic
Michael Hamilton michael.hamilton944@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration Teachers' perceptions of the change process as it relates to the implementation of a district-wide blended learning program.
Terence Hayes terence.hayes739@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Chunling Niu  chunling.niu516@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Mildred Ortiz mildred.ortiz565@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Michelle Patrick michelle.patrick676@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Nathan Phelps              nathan.phelps@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership A critical thinker's guide to higher education leadership in the 21st century.
Kristina Rice                      kristina.rice@wku.du P-12 Administration TBD
Kristina Sidebottom kristina.sidebottom721@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration Impact of specific RTI strategy on primary students reading skills.
Meredith Skaggs    meredith.skaggs@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership The faculty and staff divide: Examining the sub-groups of a community college campus.
Andrew Wollin andrew.wollin687@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.

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