Western Kentucky University

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Cohort V

Name/Email Program Proposed Dissertation Topic
Catrice Reece  catrice.bolton955@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Nancy Givens     nancy.givens@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership Barriers and facilitators to implementing education for sustainability in teacher education programs in Kentucky.
Lisa Horn ramona.horn107@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration Principal mentoring
Evan Jackson evan.jackson291@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Christopher King christopher.king529@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration A parallel case study examining teacher and principal perceptions of district-wide strategic planning processes.
Hajara Mahmood hajara.mahmood@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership International student satisfaction with academic experience (rural community).
Kenyetta Martin kenyetta.martin@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Komako Suzuki komako.suzuki615@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Keile Phillips keile.philips924@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Rheanna Plemons rheanna.plemons@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership Staff perceptions of morale within the Office of the Registrar and how that morale affects customer service provided to students with disabilities.

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.

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