Western Kentucky University


Cohort X

Name/Email Program Proposed Dissertation Topic
Paula Boggs                    paula.boggs243@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Diana Lee Brown                                     lee.brown@.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Jessica Cecil             jessica.cecil818@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
John-Patrick Clark                      john_patrick.clark502@topper.wku.edu Teacher Leadership TBD
Pam Decker         pamela.decker738@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Lois Michelle Edwards lois.edwards972@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership  TBD
Michael Galvin        michael.galvin531@topper.wku.edu P-12 Administration TBD
Bobbie Harris          bobbie.harris583@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Lynda Harrison    lynda.harrison428@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Richard Hunt                             richard.hunt@wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Jennifer Jackson jennifer.jackson117@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Kenny Lee                    kenny.lee939@topper.wku.edu Teacher Leadership TBD
Martha Sales                            martha.sales@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD
Rodney Skipworth rodney.skipworth243@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership TBD
Cheryl Van de Streek cheryl.vandestreek689@topper.wku.edu Teacher Leadership TBD
Stephan Walters                 stephan.walters@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership TBD

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.

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