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Presentation & public speaking video tutorial series

Enhance Public Speaking Skills & Create Effective Presentations

Students in the Gordon Ford College of Business often are required to give presentations as part of their coursework. In order for students to better refine and enhance public speaking skills, the College collaborated with the Department of Communication to create a series of video tutorials. These tutorials will assist students with several important aspects of organizing and delivering presentations.

  1. Organizing a speech
  2. Designing Effective Visual Aids
  3. Handling Visual Aids During Delivery
  4. Effective Introductions and Conclusions
  5. Using Transitions Effectively
  6. Coming soon: Finding and Utilizing Supporting Materials
  7. Coming soon: Polishing Your Delivery Skills
  8. Sales Executive-in-Residence Chris Derry Discusses Presentation Skills

Presentation Rubric

The criteria for evaluating presentations follows basic guidelines in organization of information, content, dynamic language, appropriate nonverbals, and the use of visual aids. A more detailed description of each one of these expectations can be found in these rubrics:

Individual Presentation Rubric

Group Presentation Rubric


Organizing Your Presentation

Informative Examples

Persuasive Examples

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