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Striving for optimal cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and regular physical activity? Physical wellness also encourages knowledge about food and nutrition as well as activities that contribute to high level of wellness, including medical self-care and the appropriate use of medical system.

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Tips on Improving Physical Wellness

1. Exercise safely and regularly

2. Eat a balanced diet

3. Regular visits to the doctor or Health Services 

4. Avoid the use of tobacco and drugs 

5. Maintaining regular sleeping patterns


Helpful Services on Campus

WKU Restaurant & Catering     Intramural Recreational Sports     WKU Health Services


Physical Wellness Programs   


Upcoming Events:

Friday April 18th Bodyweight BootcampHealth & Fitness Lab
Friday April 18th Cardio ChallengeHealth & Fitness Lab
Friday April 18th Intramural Outdoor VolleyballIntramural Sports Recreational Department
Friday April 18th M.O.M Challenge- Fitness Center TriathlonHealth & Fitness Lab
Saturday April 19th Bodyweight BootcampHealth & Fitness Lab

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