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Your academic journey starts here.

What the Academic Transitions Program (ATP) accomplishes...

"Make connections with other students, visit an info fair, register for classes, pick up your WKU ID Card, and become an Official Hilltopper!"

...all in a one-day orientation format.

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Step 1. You must be admitted to attend ATP
  For admission info, click here.
Step 2. Reserve An ATP Date
  To register for ATP, click here
  To see a list of dates, click here.
Step 3. Confirm/Change Your Major
To confirm/change your major, click here.
Step 4. Take Your Required Placement Exams
All students must take the Math Placement Exam. 
  Other exams may be required. Click to learn more.
Step 5. Read Your E-News

  Your ATP e-newsletter is here.
Step 6. Additional Tips
 ♦  A checklist.
 ♦  Read about TopNet: WKU100:TopNet-ology.
 ♦  Read class notes from WKU101: College Lingo.
 ♦  Read notes from WKU102: Class Scheduling.

 Last Modified 3/26/14