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The Barren River Asset Building Coalition

Contact Number: 1-800-928-1183

Looking for community volunteers to help us continue to provide our services to the public. Below are some details about how volunteers can get involved with the Barren River Asset Building Coalition’s efforts to help the low/moderate income taxpayers in our region.


Our services help taxpayers in and around the communities that we serve. By distributing print information about these public services (Flyers, door-hangers, etc.), volunteers can directly impact how many people know about the coalition's efforts and the number of taxpayers that take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.


Coalition tax preparers are responsible for preparing peoples' taxes. As a preparer, you will work one-on-one with taxpayers to ensure that they file a complete and quality tax return. You will receive training and become comfortable using TaxWise software, which is used to file all tax returns. You will learn to use a quality review process to guarantee the accuracy of each return. Volunteer tax preparers must use interpersonal skills, basic math, computer skills, and IRS resource guides to help them apply their knowledge of tax law to each individual taxpayer's situation. Each volunteer must become certified by the IRS at a "basic" level before filing taxes for the coalition. To learn more about becoming certified, visit the web site of the IRS and type, "link and learn" into the search field. www.irs.gov

If you are interested in any one of these exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities, contact us at: volunteer@brabc.com, or call 800-928-1183.

Thank you for helping us recruit local volunteers to support our efforts. Interested volunteers may also contact me directly at the numbers listed below and my work email rbraber@barrenriverareasafespace.com. This information can also be found on our website, www.brabc.com or http://www.casoky.org/brabc. 

 Last Modified 7/22/13