Western Kentucky University

CHHS Ambassadors - DeShaye Batts

DeShaye Batts

DeShaye Batts

Major: Nutrition & Dietetics

Email:  deshaye.batts376@topper.wku.edu

What is the one thing that every new student should bring to campus?

Personal goals! Come up with a list of achievements you want to make during your time here at WKU, and hold yourself accountable!  Sometimes promises to yourself can be the hardest to keep. Don’t forget why you’re here

Tips you would give students about getting involved are:

Keep your eyes and ears open to information about campus groups, organizations etc. Don’t be afraid to attend an informational meeting. If you find you want to join, great; if not, keep looking. There’s something for everyone here!

Other campus organizations in which you are involved:

WKU Housing and Residence Life

Phi Upsilon Omicron

One piece of advice you would give an incoming freshman:

Have fun!  As much of it as you can…but not at the expense of your education. Every class, every semester counts. Don’t rely on having “4 more years” to fix grades that are less than ideal. Bringing a GPA up can be hard work, so start off strong! This is the year that sets the tone for your College career, make it one you’re proud of!

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