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2014/2015 CALENDAR



Aug. 14, 2014
Harlaxton Return

Aug. 17, 2014
Class of 2016 Move-in

Aug. 17-Aug. 23, 2014
Adventure Week

Aug. 20, 2014
Class of 2015 Move-in

Aug. 23, 2014
KAGE Bowling Green Update

Aug. 25, 2014
Classes Begin

Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2014
Closed Weekend

Sept. 12, 2014
TAG Fall Institute

Sept. 13-14, 2014
Junior Retreat

Sept. 20 2014
Preview Day

October 11, 2014
Preview Day #2

January 24, 2015
Final Preview Day




ResearchOne of the added values of being admitted to the Gatton Academy is the chance to engage in real, undergraduate-level research projects while studying at Western Kentucky University.

Gatton Academy students are encouraged to participate in research both during the academic year and through research internships during the summer months. Research conducted on-campus during the academic year allows students to pursue their specific scientific interests beyond their curriculum, working under the supervision of a university professor.

The Gatton Academy's strategic partnership with Western Kentucky University benefits our students by offering abundant research opportunities outside the doors of Florence Schneider Hall. WKU is praised for its longtime commitment to involving undergraduates in research. Gatton Academy students have access to research opportunities in any of the Ogden College's departments, including Agriculture, Architecture and Manufacturing Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geography and Geology, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics and Astronomy. Gatton Academy students may also perform research in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences' Department of Psychology.

Our students are encouraged to use their research experiences as a springboard for scientific competitions and to contribute to the scientific community. Indeed, it is one's research project that is the threshold experience that is required for many of the high-level scholarships and experiences our students compete for. For example, our students are encouraged to enter the Siemens Competition and the Intel Science Talent Search, both STEM-based research competitions for high school students. Furthermore, our students have the chance to present their research at local, regional, and national conferences. Some students have even published scholarly papers with their research professors.

Being a part of a university research project, working in a WKU lab, and developing strong relationships with professors is part of the unique value that can be a part of the Academy experience. In terms of research, Gatton Academy students truly have infinite possibilities.

Two semesters or more of research, it should be noted, is a requirement for all Gatton students who wish to receive the recognition of Honors or Honors with Distinction at graduation.

Learn more about available research areas at WKU.

Questions regarding the Gatton Academy's research program may be addressed by contacting Derick Strode, Asst. Director of Academic Services, at  270-745-6565 or at derick.strode@wku.edu.



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