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Provost's Initiatives for Excellence (PIE)

Provost's Initiatives for Excellence

The Provost's Initiatives for Excellence (PIE) is a competitive grant program established to support growth and development of innovative academic programs. PIE funding enables units to undertake and assess novel approaches to teaching, learning, and student success that advance academic quality and support increased integration of established university priorities (i.e., student engagement, internationalization, research/creative activity, Honors, interdisciplinary programs, student retention) within the curriculum.

PIE funding serves as one-time venture capital.  It is expected that any successful initiatives that result will be sustained by the department/program beyond the award period.  Three categories of PIE funding are available, for proposals addressing (1) curricular innovation, (2) program effectiveness, or (3) academic enrichment.  For more information, view the Guidelines for Proposals available on this page or email pie@wku.edu.

Proposals are considered once per semester; see the Steps for Submission for submission deadlines.  All proposals should be submitted electronically using the procedures and templates provided on this page.  A brief status report for all proposals funded must be provided, using the End-of-Project Report Form, within 30 days of the completion of the project, or by June 30th of the fiscal year in which the project period ends.

Funds to support the Provost's Initiatives for Excellence come from a variety of sources, including Academic Quality Phase I and II Funds, CPE Action Agenda Funds, Grant Incentive Funds, and Provost Professional Development Funds.)

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